About Us

Elite Sports India, Inc. operates one of the largest networks of sports organizations in India. ESI owns and operates a portfolio of sports industry businesses in India at both the professional and collegiate level, as well as a wide range of sports-related media and intellectual property assets.

Elite Sports India, Inc. will become a governing body to several prime sport conglomerates currently existing in India. Elite Sports India, Inc. competes in the multi-billion dollar sports business industry in India by developing and commercializing some of the most valuable sport and entertainment properties in America.


Professional Football Concept

The concept of Professional Football within India was brought to fruition with an initial investment of $25K. The concept was to develop a league with Indian athletes whom were already familiar with contact sports such as Rugby and kabbadi.


Incorporation - USA And Scouting & Orientations

The EFLI scouted the entire country of India to find the strongest, fastest and the quickest athletes out of a population of 1.2 billion. The Indian athletes who participated showed incredible drive, discipline and motivation.

Incorporation - India

ELITE FOOTBALL LEAGUE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated in on May, 6, 2010 as an Indian Corporation.


Training Rating - Fundamentals - EFLI

The first EFLI Coaches & Players Training Program was held at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune, November 10, 2011 headed by NFL Superstar Doug Plank.

Training Rating - Full Equipment - EFLI

The EFLI held its first practice with the players training in official Football quipment including helmets and pads. The players practiced drills and tackling with the safety of the new equipment.

MinisterOf Youth Affairs & Sports

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports recognizes the Elite Football Federation of ndia as the 1st ever active and approved federation to bring forth the game of American style Football to his country of India on February 1, 2011.

Letter Of Intent-Broadcast Games

The EFLI signed a LOI with Ten Sports 2 to televise 33 games in it’s first season including Saturday and Sunday games as well as 13 Monday Night Football games on March 31, 2011.


1ST Football Scrimmage - EFLI

On March 29th, 2012, the EFLI held the first full scale, uniformed football scrimmage ever in the country of India. The scrimmage was a was filmed by an 8 camera crew and was directed and edited by the award-winning SuperBowl director-the late Sandy Grossman. The scrimage was a “dress-rehursal” for the historic upcoming “EFLI Season One”.

Season One - EFLI

In the summer of 2012, the first EFLI season was played, filmed and aired on the largest Sports Networks in South East Asia (Ten Sports) Directed by the late Sandy Grossman. The EFLI fight song was written by 3 time Grammy winner Adonis.


University Football - EFLI-U

University Tackle Football was recognized as an official University sport for the first time in history.

Training Rating -Fundamentals - EFLI-U

Similar to the EFLI Coaches & Players Training programs, Signed Universities initiated Tackle-Football Orientations.Basic Fundamentals in the classroom and athletic filed were tough for the first time in history to University Students.

University Logo Initiative

The University Logo Design initiative began in late 2013. Major Indian Universities with Thousands of Students did not have a basic Sports name and logo to represent them in the field of Play.


University Basketball - UBA-U

Mr. Whelan and Prof. D.S. Chauhan signed an exclusive and historic agreement to revolutionize Indian University College Basketball on March 4,2014. The Indian University Basketball Tournament (Inter Zonal) is the largest in the world. The Tournament features over 200 Universities from all over India that compete for the championship. Similar to the NCAA, March Madness.


On February 26, 2014, AIU accepted the USA Indian Athlete advancement Consortium.This collaboration will form a long-term alliance for the advancement of University Sports in India.AIU is the governing body for sports in all Colleges and Universities in India. AIU


The EFLI-U proudly announced the addition of Tackle Football on the AIU (Association of Indian Universities) sports calendar for the first time in history.



January 15-19, 2015, The Men’s Inter Zonal Basketball Tournament was filmed and broadcast for the first time in history on Ten Sports. The event was attended by Bollywood stars and NBA legend Cedric Cebolis.


India’s first Professional basketball league is formed and televised for the first time in history in India on Ten Sports. The UBA league was sold in 2015.


Incorporated Founder of collegiate sports entity in India focused on commercialization of sports such as Basketball, Football and eSports.EUSAI will coincide with India’s existing Association of Indian Universities (AIU) to target 3 significant areas of each University: identity (logo), statistics and Broadcast rights to create a fan base amongst its students.



Feburary 27-28, 2016, The Men’s Inter Zonal Basketball Tournament was streamed live for the first time in history via TV Asia. Along with Ten Sports broadcasting in Asia, the Tournament was also telecast on cable TV in America.


University eSports was established in 2015 through its established business relationships with the (“AIU”). Lovely Professional University (the number 1 private university in India) is set to host the 1st EVER university Esports Inter Zonal Tournament. Other major Indian universities have also agreed to sponsor eSports Tournaments.


Elite sports India was established as a C Corporation on 15 augeus, 2016. The entity is responsible for developing the Sports and Media market in India.Current assets include: EFLI, EFLI•U, UBA•U University eSports and EUSIA.